Vacation 2011-2013

September 2011: Canadian Rockies: Banff NP, Yoho NP, Jasper NP

[relaxing, reading the guidebook]
Lake Agnes Tea House. Sept 2011. photo by JD

[Canadian glaciers]
Columbia Icefield. Sept 2011.

[waterfall and pool]
Lower Falls, Johnston Canyon. Sept 2011.

[mountains mirrored]
Emerald Lake. Sept 2011.

Cavell Glacier. Sept 2011.

Climbing at Lake Louise, Public Enemy, 5.10a. Sept 2011.

After many years away, I went to Burning Man again in 2012. It was different, more crowded, more big city.

March 2013: Hawaii, Big Island

[wave against cliff]
Kona Coast. March 2013

[lava rock with window]
Lava rock. March 2013

[giant ripples in lava]
Cooled blanket of lava over an old lava river. March 2013

[yellow tang and brain corral]
Snorkeling. March 2013

[cove off cinder cone]
Green Sand Beach. March 2013

[red lava entering the ocean]
Red Lava Ocean Entry. March 15, 2013