My trips to Burning Man

I have been to Burning Man seven years.

All I can say is that it is an entirely different reality. And each year has been different for me.
2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2012

A sample Burning Man packing list.

The Seven Ages 2001: "my first year"

[man in morning]
The Man. It was beautiful in the morning out in the Black Rock Desert. 2001

[door to the desert]
A door to the desert. 2001

[LED display]
You always have some very technical artwork. This is an LED display that was animated. 2001

An elegant art car. It spewed fire. 2001

[3D maze]
A group of people spent almost a year on designing and building this 3D maze with trap doors, rotating walls, and a goal of making it to the top. 2001

[tesla lighting]
One of the famous
Dr. MegaVolt tesla coils. 2001

[dust devil]
There were even larger dust devils than this later. 2001

[flaming double helix]
One of the night art installations that drew a lot of attention was the rotating, flaming double helix. 2001

There were fun interactive things, like this bicycle carousel with beautiful sea creatures. 2001

[amazing masouleum]
One of the art installations I found most moving was the mausoleum, made of wood jigsaw tailings, on which people would write emotional baggage on to let go. 2001

The Floating World 2002: "my project year"

[Patri flying]
Patri and Brian had a project to lift people up in the air with helium balloons, with which our camp helped. Patri has a good
annotated series of pictures on the project. 2002

[me on balloons]
Jumping with balloon assistance. 2002

[pretty door]
Sometimes you need to go inside to see beautiful things. 2002

[lily pad]
A technical lily pad with infrared communication and fiber optic dragonflies. 2002

[jazz duck]
A jazz club in the middle of nowhere. 2002

Sea horse in the playa. 2002

Nick was the designated photographer for bloodletting, the rest of the group we camped with. 2002

Beyond Belief 2003: "my theme camp year"

Stormy Burning Man dawn. 2003

Neon man. 2003

[theme camp sign]
Our theme camp,
Beyond Beauty. 2003

[art car]
Playa Air charter. 2003

[hanging slabs]
Granite slabs to climb. 2003

[painted bus]
Pretty bus. 2003

The man. 2003

[charred ruble]
After the burn. 2003

Vault of Heaven 2004: "my alone year"

[Alex, me, Giles]
Hushville neighbors. 2004

[spinning poi]
Fire spinning by Garth of Fire Arts Collective. 2004

Loved by pink. 2004

[bone bike]
Skeletal bicycle. 2004

[fireworks man]
The burn. 2004

Psyche 2005: "my family year"

[solar car]
Solar art car, like our
house! :) 2005

[smoke ring]
Huge smoke ring. It's hard to tell, but this one has been in the sky for minutes, getting larger as it floats away... 2005

[night man]
Requisite night picture of the neon man. This year you could rotate it. 2005

[playa unicorn]
Unicorn of playa's horn and eyes glowed through stained glass at night. 2005

[stag pose trick]
Aerial silks dance class with Firefly Dance. 2005

[random clock face]
Mechanical clock tower with three faces...this one was driven by monkeys. 2005

[hydrolic dragon vehicle]
This mutant vehicle had amazing hydrolic animation...I should have taken a movie of its motion. 2005

Hope & Fear 2006: "my unintended year"

Hard-earned Lamplighter charm. 2006

[cathedral with mountains]
Cathedral in front of Black Rock Mountains. 2006

[sky through belgian waffle]
Blue sky seen from inside the huge Belgian sculpture. 2006

[run from the dust!]
Fast and strong dust funnel. 2006

[dawn as gargoyle]
Dawn's shadow posing as a gargoyle atop a pyramid. 2006

Fertility 2.0 2012: "my return year"

[Town Round clouds]
Hushville town round flag. 2012

[in the beginning]
Burn Wall Street: Merrill Lynched, Bank of UnAmerica, Goldman S*cks, Chaos Manhattan. August 28, 2012
[as time goes on]
Burn Wall Street, after the crowd has been there. August 31, 2012

[arch and flags]
Center Camp. The arch had lots of pretty rainbow lights at night. 2012

[couple walking]
Couple Tunnel. 2012

[wagon train]
A train of bears. 2012


[flaming octopus]
For me, this brings to mind the Parasol Protectorate. 2012

[dark and light]
Star Seed. 2012

[from the top of the pistil]
Man inside. 2012

[playa, mutant vehicles, man]
The man in the distance. 2012