Alpine Butterfly Lodge

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Anna and Rob Prestezog, Patri Friedman and I bought a great house in April 2000 in Sunnyvale, CA. (Patri moved out with his wife and son in March 2006.) It has a swimming pool and spa (which we replastered dark grey, and now has solar heating), plus a big game/party room (parlor) with a pool table and wet bar. There are many rooms and lots of floor space for renters and visitors. It's great to have a fancy living room to put the handmade chinese pictures, rug, and chests my grandma gave me, plus a huge dining room to put the eight foot table from 1963 (the table looks small!). The piano fits nicely in the living room as well. We have a sewing loft/office area, a den/office, a costume and game room, an extensive library, along with guest rooms. The landscaping has butterfly and hummingbird attractor flowers, and lots of greenery. The hardwood floors turned out great (after we ripped out the carpet), and the ethernet we have run (through the walls!) to almost every room is wonderful (not to mention wireless). My room is upstairs, with a nice view. The huge bathroom upstairs now houses a clawfoot tub, which is fabulous! We had a 3.5 kW photovoltaic system put in March 2005!
It's great to be a family, and our house name is Alpine Butterfly Lodge. The alpine butterfly knot is a good one to know if you are in mountaineering. We also like butterflies, and are excited about the nice house logo, pictured above.
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