Vacation 2009

Another trip to China, this time to Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Leshan, EmeiShan. Also, Lhasa, Tibet!

[green courtyard]
Forbidden city courtyard, Beijing, 2009.
[lotus and lake]
Summer palace, Beijing, 2009.
[mind the hilly road]
At the summer palace, Beijing, 2009.
[astronomical instruments]
Beijing observatory, 2009.
[long way down]
The great wall really is pretty impressive, 2009.
Many terra cotta soldiers, in a still active archeological site, 2009.
View from the big wild goose pagoda, 2009.
[golden buddha]
Lotus and buddha at the wild goose pagoda, 2009.
[lights at night]
Xian city wall, 2009.
Panda at Chengdu, 2009.
[red pandas]
Red pandas at Chengdu, 2009.
[big nose eye stalk]
Bronze mask, 2009.
[love story]
Sichuan opera, 2009.
[table juggling]
She's juggling that table with her feet at the Sichuan opera, 2009.
Stick puppet at Sichuan opera. Later, that puppet breathed fire and did face-changing. 2009.
[calligraphy poem]
Poem memorized by students, Chengdu, 2009.
[mini people]
Giant buddha of Leshan, 2009.
[careful of the turn]
Monkeys warned of the dangers of the road. Also, there were police monkey signs, presumably warning of laws on this windy mountain road. 2009.
[no firing in fireproof area]
Sign on EmeiShan, 2009.
Dusk on EmeiShan, the night before the total solar eclipse, 2009.
[solar glasses]
Rock monkey raver rabbit ready for the eclipse, 2009. (We didn't tell him it was really too overcast to actually need his solar glasses.)
[snow-capped peaks]
Arriving into Tibet. 2009.
[river valley]
Arriving into Lhasa, Tibet. 2009.
[prayer pole]
Drepung Monestery. 2009.
[temple tapestry]
Jokhang Temple. 2009.
Potala Palace. 2009.
[garden entrance]
Summer Palace. 2009.
Sera Monestery. 2009.
[yak and mastiff]
Kampala Pass. 2009.
[raver rabbit and dragon journal]
Raver rabbit and Dragon journal at Yamdrok Lake. 2009.
[prayer flags over river]
Water burial site. 2009.
[flags and mountains]
Tibet village. 2009.
[clouds over prayer flags]
Tsamkhung Nunnery. 2009.
[yak and tuktuk]
Golden yak. Lhasa, Tibet. 2009.