[angel dawn]
An angel for Halloween 1999.

[st pauli girl]
Halloween 2000. Anna made me a St. Pauli Girl costume.

[power puff girls]
Our in-house costumer, Anna, converted Stacey, herself, and me into the Power Puff Girls (Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup) for Halloween 2001.

[masked don]
My winning scary costume at Hyseq makes use of SBHS band and winter guard props. Halloween 2001

[candle altar]
Victorian style lingerie. April 2002

[the burn, 03]
With Chiara at the burn. Burning Man 2003

[madeup gaskell]
Made up for the October Gaskell. 2003

[tatt and dragon]
My tattoo dressed up in a dragon by All That Glitters Face Paint. I really love this picture by Chrysa. 2003

[see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil]
Shannon made tails for us all for Year Of The Monkey... here I, Shannon, and Anna are avoiding evil. January 2004.

[ABL Firefly]
Opening night of Serenity! Zoe/Anna, Inara/Dawn, Simon/Patri, Book/Jerome, Kaylee/Shannon, Jayne/Rob. September 2005. Picture by Anna.

[ABL Harry Potter]
We at the ABL are well able to blend into the Harry Potter scene on opening night of Goblet of Fire. November 2005. Picture by Anna.

[group of movie pirates]
Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest. Joe, Sahana, Darryl, Rob, Megan, John, Dawn, Anna. July 2006. Picture by Anna.

[sepia period costume]
Dawn, Rob, and Anna at the Dickens Fair, 2006. Picture by Matt.
[period hoops]
Angela and Dawn at the Dickens Fair, 2007.

[sailor jacket and hat] [sexy pirate] [stripey old time bathing gown]
Acclarent Summer Picnic, July 2010, nautical theme. I once was a sailor, but our boat was taken by pirates. It seemed like a decent life, so I took up the pirate way. But then it looked as if many might get wet, so I donned my bathing gown.